Our mission is to inspire participation, collaboration and action, for a graceful transition toward a future of responsible and intelligent stewardship, promoting balance and harmony of all environments and life, so that we might flourish as a species, well into the foreseeable future.

Energy independent is a diverse group of visionaries who are dedicated to sustainable, economic development. This means that the economic system is stable and not dependent on constant growth.

Economics must be designed to replenish resources at a higher rate then they are depleted while making use of all available waste to create new products or to be converted back to fuel.

While this may seem like an impractical venture from our current perspective, the businesses we create today will reflect the health of both our economic systems and containing environments tomorrow.

When we ask the questions, we begin the journey toward discovering the answers. Responsible stewardship is something we can no longer afford not to do. Tangible solutions are something we can no longer afford not to share.

We invite you to join us on this exploration, to provide and share solutions that will aid in the graceful transition to a sustainable future.

Balance Point Methodology

Life is a relationship between all environments and all of their occupants

It is a contradiction of interdependency and autonomy

We all share the same air, yet we must each still breath for ourselves

We use the Balance Point Methodology to address the singular through understanding its relationship to the whole.

1. It's not enough to exist, we must exist well.
Basic needs motivate where as non basic needs inspire us to exist.

2. Everything is related. We can not address the singular without understanding its relationship to the whole.
( relationships between environments and occupants)

3. Every energized system has polarity. When polarities inform each other we better understand where the balance point is at. ( no- good and bad...this is called learning)

4. Life is a dance. How well we dance determines the quality and duration of a relationship.
( Ability to understand the other, mutual support and participation and effective communication)

Positive informs negative and negative informs positive, we learn and we find the balance point.

While this is the message usually being delivered by the crazy guy spitting across the table, it is the contrast and reality which must inform us and motivate us to do something different.

Our current economic system demands that our focus is on selling more, to keep the ball afloat and to maintain steady growth. This creates an environment where we can not afford to do what is right because it is overwhelmed by right now. The most logical truth is that if we contaminate everything in our natural environment, which we have, our very own health becomes at risk.

A system dependent on constant growth will fail simply because constant growth goes against all laws of physics. Nature will rebalance itself and life will survive, the question is whether or not we be there to witness it.

The global economy is dependent on the US dollar which is a fiat system, meaning it is not backed by anything. This type of system historically has a 100% failure rate and currently will only require a small loss of faith before investors begin to exchange the dollar for a more secure investment, starting a rapid decrease in the value of the dollar, possibly until it is worthless.

The reality we don't want to talk about or believe is possible is that if we have a global, economic crash, food and fuel will cease to arrive causing desperation and needless deaths of hundreds of thousands through starvation and violence.

We can avoid a return to the stone ages first by ceasing to do what we already know to be dangerous and second by participating on all levels, in developing economics that are not dependent on constant growth.