Project Energy Independent

• Exploring new models of business, economic development, sustainable energy and green building.

• Designing modular, scalable building and energy systems.

• Developing a model of collaborative business that builds sustainable living environments.

• Filming and documenting the whole process then telling the story.

The Balance Point

The Story of Solutions

Imagine a world where all of our waste is turned into fuel for use in our transportation which is capable of more then 200 MPG. Where all of our energy needs are produced at home with clean, renewable sources. Imagine a world where we are inspired to work rather then motivated by the economic pressures. Where we have time to spend with our families and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

We are going to be telling the story of this future through an exploration of successful models of economics, energy and building systems that already exist. We are then going to take things a step further and build them ourselves.

The balance Point is a cinematic documentary that will tell this story and inspire not only hope but participation.

With out inspiration, laughter and joy,
With out clean air, water and food, what is the point of existing?
It is not enough to survive, we must exist well.
Conflict informs, we know that harmony is not here.
Now that we know what not to do,
we are one step closer to the balance point.


The basic Pod will be an 8x16’ self contained living space. It will incorporate simple solar electric for energy needs and solar concentration to recycle grey water, heat domestic hot water and thermal storage. These systems will be coupled with a micro biomass stove which can operate on paper waste, yard debris or woody mass. It will require a fuel source such as propane for refrigeration and cooking.

This will be lower in cost, trailered and with out the need to hook up to utilities.

Energy Pod- Expanding on the simple utility systems of the basic, this system will recycle all waste, woody mass, black water and plastics through gasification. This system will provide fuel for cooking and transportation.

Solar concentrators will transfer heat to storage and by heat absorption process, cold storage for refrigeration.

As a combined system, it will use resulting heat to clean waste water while producing steam for additional work.

This system will sit on its own frame and be trailerable and can be utilized by existing homes, for the Pod system or scaled up to serve communities of homes.

Business Structure

The business will be a cooperative in legal structure but will also collaborate with existing businesses and individuals to make use of existing resources outside of its umbrella for the production of Pods and their components.

The business will act as a local economic anchor, reinvesting capital into new, locally based businesses while providing mentorship and “realistic lending” designed for success rather then default.